October 07, 2013

My Placenta Encapsulation Experience

Consuming the placenta is beneficial-one of those benefits is that it balances hormones.

A few things you should know about me-

  • I am a vegetarian
  • I have suffered from Postpartum Depression in the past
  • I was willing to do almost anything to avoid that experience again
Somehow,the idea of eating the afterbirth aka the placenta,doesn't seem appealing to most people.
It might reach some level of gross to those who think of it in it's natural "raw" form.

I had heard of people eating their placenta's "fresh"...that is,bloody and raw.
I even learned that some people cook theirs like a roast before chowing down.
Neither of those seemed too appetizing to me.At.All.

Then I learned about a few other ways-
  • Cutting up raw placenta and blending it into a "yummy" berry smoothie
  • Cutting up raw placenta into small pill-size bits and freezing
  • Having the placenta dried and encapsulated (put into pill form)
These methods seemed more doable for me...they carried less "gag" response.

I sought out a local midwife (Janice) who would do the encapsulation for me.
*I could have done the process myself,but I didn't want to add to my work load

The cost of encapsulation is generally between $150-300 depending on what-if any-extra's you have added.
Some people add other herbs or have placenta prints (pictures) done as well.

Janice picked up my placenta the day after Marlena was born and she returned the pills the following day.

I wasn't sure how I planned to consume them,so I pretty much just waited.
Around three weeks postpartum I started feeling weepy,so I took a pill.
Since that point (and I'm currently five weeks postpartum) I have taken two pills a day-one in the AM and one PM.
On days when I feel particularly stressed,anxious or weepy,I take four a day (two AM and two PM).

I feel a difference.

I feel more balanced,my emotions aren't as extreme.
I don't get "placenta burps" like I've heard about.

Out of my placenta Janice was able to get 94 size "00"-which is a fairly large pill.
Encapsulation is a lengthy process of steaming,dehydrating and grinding (turning to a gritty powder).
I paid $150-which is the lowest price I found near me.

Some people are skeptical of whether eating the placenta can really make any difference-many say it's a placebo effect.
I don't believe it's a placebo effect-but even if it were,for a person who has dealt with PPD,it's worth it.
I will definitely do it again.

Did you consume your placenta?Would you?

I don't currently have a post written all about placenta's,but here are some links with more information:


"Benefits of eating your placenta"


  1. I am glad you posted about this. I just found out I am pregnant with baby #2 and I have thought about placenta encapsulation. People are discouraging me and my husband is not sure what to think. After the birth of our daughter I was really 'off'. I was not my normal self. I want to feel good after having a baby so I am considering trying this.

    Please keep us updated on how it is working out for you.

  2. I got mine encapsulated too. I notice a huge difference in energy levels and overall mood when I take it :) definitely will do it again next time.

  3. I received 2 jars of pills (twin placentas) plus a tincture which I have not used yet. I still have one of the jars in the fridge. I took them regularly in the first month, along with green smoothies and iron pills, and found they aided in my recovery. I plan on saving them for when my cycle returns regularly, and I believe the tincture can even last until menopause. :)